• PT Class & Gym Pack

      What you get- . 3 x 30min PT sessions . 8 Week Class Membership . 8 Week Gym Membership . 1 x Strength/Tone Program . 1 x Fitness/Weight Loss Program RRP $395 Contact Management for further details

  • May Special

    Arena partner in crime special (available now) We all know how important it can be to have a training partner. Someone to help keep you motivated, to share in your fitness journey. So we here at The Arena have created this ‘special’ for that very reason. Bring a friend to The Arena to become a

  • Women Safe Coming to Arena

    Women Safe- Women’s self portection and awareness courses The need for self protection has become a vital part of our existence due to an increase in attacks and sexual assaults within our communities. Women Safe was founded two years ago by Paul Marasco and Peter Sciarra who strongly believe in helping women lead safer lives and equip them to