Yoga is a holistic physical activity which offers many benefits. Some of which include increasing flexibility, increasing lubrication of the muscles and joints, massaging the internal organs, cleansing the body, gaining awareness and toning the muscles. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Once a regular practice is established an maintained, a much deeper understanding of yourself and your body can be achieved. There are some occasions where yoga has been understood to cure aliments, muscular tension, stress and even disease. Yoga can also be a perfect counterbalance for any type of exercise or training as it can have a restorative effect, increasing recovery and lengthening and loosening muscles.

Basic Level Classes: All Classes are designed for those who new to Yoga or to stretching or who have specific injuries that need attention and care. Although the pace moves quickly, sessions will pay more attention to posture, alignment and correct technique. Suitable for both advanced and beginners. All classes include a 10 minute meditative savasanaAllowances and EXTRA CARE, including re-alignments, adjustments and encouragements are given for beginners.

  • Tuesday 6:30pm – All Levels.
  • Saturday 8am – All levels.
  • 1on1 or small group appointments.

Intermediate and Advanced Level Classes: For the beginner and the weekend warrior who knows something about Yoga and Stretching and who want to push a little further in their practice. This is also for those who want a challenge? Based loosely on Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on faster breathing, deeper stretching and more advanced postures.

  • Tuesday 6:30pm – All Levels.
  • Saturday 8am – All levels.
  • 1on1 or small group appointments.


  • Release stress and tension from the body
  • During practice -reduces unnecessary thoughts
  • Gain more awareness of your body & mind
  • Increased flexibility
  • Massage internal organs
  • Toned muscles
  • Greater blood circulation
  • Cleansing – Detoxifying
  • Fluid joints and tendons
  • increase muscle recovery
  • Preventative muscle injury
  • Fun!



  • 1st Session FREE
  • Bring a new friend & get 1 session free
  • Casual Visit
    $ 20.00
  • 10 Pack
    $ 150.00
  • Direct Debit
    $ 22.50 (Per week)
  • 10 Class Membership
    $ 25.00 (Per week)